‘My Passion is to Broadcast your Passion”

Dr. Marina Nani- Woman of the Decade in Media

Dr. Marina Nani, authored 62 books in the last five years and her upcoming book “Your Stardust Story” is a collection of stories told by 1001 Inspirational people she met during her book tours around the world.

A Broadcast Presenter and an advocate for women’s recognition in society, Marina is coining a new industry- Social Edification. Marina’s dream is to diagnose and close the Achievement gap globally. Founder of Rich Woman Society™ which involves the publishing of books and magazines distributed globally. A great believer in meaningful connections she made them available through professional clubs: The Author Club, the Sovereign Club and Rich Woman Club. One of her mantras is “Small hinges swing big doors.”

A mother and grand mother, Marina is dedicating her time and energy to great causes. She mentors purposeful leaders, Sovereigns and Solutionaries who educate women from around the world to eradicate poverty, bring prosperity to their family and advance their professional experience.

Founder of MTN Press, Marina is the Editor in Chief of Sovereign Magazine, The Quantum of Light Magazine and Rich Woman Magazine, FREE to read in airport lounges and at international events.

Her role is to present information in an accessible and attractive way, and share Your Stardust Story™ in the process of building up a sense of identity of the people she interviews.The Audience is introduced to new leadership stories, and each tell brings the latest news according to interview's subject matter: culture, wellbeing, lifestyle, health, business, travel, sport, education, community.

Her latest project is The Best Kept secret- Stardust Prosperity Movie, which is inspired by her latest book, Your Stardust Story , and is to be distributed free around the world.

To share your #STARDUST Story connect with Marina now www.MTNMedia.co.uk

 ‘Your talent is a gift from the Universe, and it wasn’t given to you to keep it to yourself, but to master it and gift the world with it. It is call a ‘gift’ for a good reason. Why be the best kept secret? Become a gift of life to others. Do yourself a favour- Share your Stardust!’

Her growing Stardust Team is formed of Broadcast Presenters and Journalists from around the world who help individuals make the good news by sharing their unique talent (which she calls it Stardust) at live events, Radio W.O.R.K.S. World programs, magazines and TV interviews (Broadcast Your Passion TV) to raise profiles and visibility, giving Purposeful Leaders a platform from which they can attract and interact with a fast growing, vibrant, inspiration hungry audience. Dr Marina Nani believes that is your moral duty to become aware of your unique talent and share your story.

If you want to share your Story, inspire others and change the way you SEE yourself, make a meaningful connection now

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Your Story only begins when you share it- Dr Marina Nani

Building Purposeful Leaders who can consciously create and maintain a kind, compassionate enlightened community of Sovereigns, Thought Leaders and Solutionaries, where people are sharing their Unique Solutions for Business Growth and Stardust Prosperity

Receiving the recognition you deserve for sharing your creativity and authenticity