Answering your calling- III


There were more people whom I invited to Margaret’s retreat but only Gill decided to show up. I was sad for those wonderful friends missing an extraordinary experience, a chance to connect with total strangers including themselves…For those with pure food indulgence in mind, wondering how was the food, I can say that three times a day Gena, our fabulous Master Chef together with beautiful Anne, simply sated our palette’s desires with their ever changing internationally and seeds inspired generous plates. I love food, and, just like you, I appreciate the cook! What makes them slave in the kitchen just for you to clear the plate? Gena said ‘I love to see happy people and if I can do anything to be with them I love to cook. It is my passion’…


Imagine a room without a roof, and a voice that goes as far only eagles dare… It is the second night at Margaret’s retreat and we are sitting round the fireplace, listening to Gill’s voice which is taking us far away, into the realm of natural beauty within. I wish I knew Gill could sing like an angel, back at the BAFTA’s Authors Awards in 2016; I would asked her to sing on that stage. I am listening and feeling the healing power of each verse, almost like a sharp instrument removing my heartbreak, letting go of my grieving …Music is the only thing that heals you when hits you. We are all mesmerized, the energy is pure talent and I couldn’t help but notice that nobody wants to take a call right now… If anything, this evening inspired us all to answer our own calling…One of my new friends told me ‘Tonight reminded me of myself, even I can’t sing like Gill’ and looked at me, almost embarrassed, and I said ’I know the feeling, is like a future memory of yourself, reminds you of whom you could be when you decide to be and share your genius’.


I remember when somebody asked me ‘Why is green, the colour for genius?’

If am I to think about genius, I see seeds that become green trees- bearing fruits tree, like the apple I discovered at the back of Margaret’s place.

When I start interviewing people and sharing thousands of stories on stage, I brought those fruits to feed your soul, offering you the feast for the Soul. With each book I help people write, with each red carpet ceremony and with each new story I share, I offer you those beautiful, delicious fruits, to inspire you to discover your own gift, plant the seed and help you grow it into a fruit bearing tree.


This is how we created the Stardust Team of genius farmers like Gill. The Stardust Prosperity Movie is a powerful story of human kind, where people are seeds, maturing into apple trees, mango trees, apricot trees, orange trees…and it is so easy to kill the seed, sometimes, even without knowing. Becoming aware of your gift, is where everything starts, the new, powerful you, the ‘Future memory of who you could be when you decide to be’ …this is when you start to SEE what is invisible to the naked eye.

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Together we plant to seeds of Inner Greatness and grow them into fruit bearing trees. Your talent is a gift from the Universe, and it wasn’t given to you to keep it to yourself, but to master it and gift the world with it. It is called a ‘gift’ for a good reason. Why be the best kept secret? Become a gift of life to others, like Gill did. Do yourself a favour- Share your Stardust!’

Dr Marina Nani