What happens when the doctor is a patient

One of my latest articles is an awareness exercise for our readers who might or might not know that wellbeing is out of reach for millions of healthcare professionals. I salute their bravery to tell the story, a story of compassion and communication of brilliant minds.


A doctor suffering from depression, has no right of confidentiality and with no consideration for their performance in the medical field, they are excluded from their own professional path, they are left alone to pay a huge price for as little as admitting they need help.


Mind and body are one entity for each one of us, and regardless of what brought a doctor on edge while treating their patients, with devastating symptoms for them individually, all deserve our love and care, as a grateful society craving for healthcare. Doctors never chose to be ill and they do their best to free from it but end up feeling trapped into a never ending web of challenges, and that is the result of a system that is not prepared to give them a chance. And if they survive mental illness, is that enough? From recent research we learned that mental illness stigma fails the world and put society at a great risk. Can a medical board hire a doctor with mental illness records? Do they even get life insurance? If wellbeing is the only direction we can take in a desperate attempt to save the human kind, can we, as a society, find North? What can change the attitude?  


I could only see what seems to be a parallel reality, from my perspective, as a social edification scientist and a storyteller looking at frightening statistics such as ‘At least 1 in 4 doctors experience a mental health concern during their careers, and they are at increased risk of stress compared to the average worker’. Creative industries ( which in Great Britain’s economy amount to £10 billions each year) are a sustainable resource for mental health prevention which deserves to be understood and accepted and storytelling is a medicine on its own.


It is a year ago when my grandson’s life was saved by the doctors working at Chelsea Hospital, and words fail me to express my gratitude for their dedication and professionalism. While I don’t have a story to tell as a patient, nobody is safe.

We have a long way to go to eliminate the stigma of current mental illness, and replace it with compassion and communication.

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Dr Marina Nani