Spectators and popcorn

Courage is a daring choice. Once you become aware of your own Courage, you realise that you already have the strength, the competence and confidence you need to stop, take a deep breath and look fear in the face. Suddenly, there are no more pathetic excuses. You know you have it all. You could finally Move ON. You become your Passion!

About three years ago I went to a mastermind with the inventor of infomercials. We sat round the table and everybody had an opportunity to share their wildest idea. While listening to them, I was mesmerized by their visions, hopes and dreams. I wish I had a cameraman to record it all. Each one of the 12 people sitting around the table had a big idea, a solution to a certain challenges- absolutely exceptional people. When my turn came and I shared my idea, the most successful business man I ever met at the time, paused for few seconds and said:

‘You have courage. You are in the 6% of the population.’


I never thought of courage before. Closing the achievement gap was my dream, my calling and I couldn’t help but thinking that if I wasn’t to fly 10 hours to join this mastermind, I would never know that COURAGE is a choice I’ve made already.

On reflection, Courage begins with your Commitment to your Purpose. Courage is a daring choice that you make to explore the unknown and only 6% of the population make that choice. Becoming aware that I am not in the 94% of the population is scary. What do you do next? If I look at planet Earth, as we know it, try to imagine the two world, the 6% and the 94%…The Spectators and the Stars. What if we could start removing the borders between the two zones, let the Spectators meet the Stars? What if your reality is a choice, and you could leave the chair and enter the screen and put your name on it?


What if we give everybody that is still watching Netflix, a pass into their own Stardust, show them who they truly are and give them the courage to share their genius? Since, Netflix went from strength to strength, more and more people are spectators and have popcorn instead of Courage.

It never occurred to me that I have to find the courage to diagnose the gap first. Because this is what being aware of your Courage does to you, by the way, you start ACTING WHILE YOU’RE THINKING…

Three years later, I can say that I developed Courage, from an infant into my best friend. Even if I look foolish at times, even I am still afraid of the crazy decisions I have to make most of the time, even if I had to become my best spokesperson, go in front of the camera, go on stage, start my own radio talk show, start my own TV Show, launched my own magazines, deliver my own International Award Series on the red carpet, in the absence of a PR team, to celebrate your Stardust, and give you the recognition you deserve.

But, you see, this is just the beginning because Courage is contagious! more and more extraordinary people I know and love, put their ideas in front of the camera, voice their solution, broadcast their passion, and become the Sovereign of their own life, just like me, except that they have a place to bring their wildest dream, and call it home.


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Here, in the 6% Zone, we all know that popcorn will run out one day and being a spectator is not being who you truly are, after all…

Dr Marina Nani