The Golden Statue

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. Buddha

If you ever visited the temple of Wat Traimit, Bangkok, Thailand, you know the story of Golden Buddha, but if you didn’t, I love to share the story with you.


Back in 1955 new roadworks developed and a 5,5 tones clay statue blocking the road, had to be moved for the building-works to progress. When they brought the cranes to lift the statue, the ropes couldn’t support the heavy object and fall on the ground, causing massive cracks. The workers were mesmerised to see the gold shining in the ray of sun through the clay’s cracks.

In more ways than one, the Golden Statue’s story, is your story.

At some point in this life time, you moved, or you will move, perhaps even against your wish. Willingly or unwillingly, you are to move to the next level of your inner development, accept who you are, reveal your talent, take responsibility for your life purpose, start new roadworks for your dream- and at this point in time, your clay statue will reveal your true nature. The sun will hit the gold statue through the cracks of your clay disguise, and your gold will shine, and mesmerise the world, fear not!

If you discovered your true worth or not is not relevant, what really matters is to remember who you are!

I wish you a Stardust Week ahead!

PS: If you are to dream, dream big, unthinkable dreams.

Unless your Dream scares you, perhaps is not worth dreaming…

Dr Marina Nani