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Book launch is confirmed for 2019. Get involved now!

Book launch is confirmed for 2019. Get involved now!

I am writing a New Book Title

‘Your Stardust Story’ to publish

never- told- inspirational- stories


and I would like to invite you onto this adventure!

This book will be a culmination of the great human spirit, in its pages you will discover true grit, joy, pathos, determination, love, friendship, betrayal, trust and compassion.

What radiates from every page is a cocktail of authentic stories, never told before, and the magic of soulful story-telling, stirring your imagination into a reality that otherwise would be outside reach…Thought Leaders, Stateswomen, Authors and Princesses are sharing this magic space with media personalities, nurses, bus drivers, academics and pilots.

Here is your chance to BECOMING

one of the Best Selling Authors to autograph ‘Your Stardust Story’ - a book that is guaranteed to fly off the shelves in 2019!

Be part of the Stardust Story!

Darie Nani