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Some of the steps I am going to share with you conflicts everything you have learnt, everything you heard, everything you tried and did not work.

The S.T.A.R.D.U.S.T. Steps, if you take one at the time, will help you publish your story without the struggles most authors are facing. After writing 57 books, I learned that is within your right to share your story and actually it constitutes a moral sin, not to…

Was it easy? I can simply say: NO. It wasn’t easy at all, it was a nightmare, I was in complete dark, and not only I felt left outside in the cold each time I opened another door, but at times, I felt my heart imploding inside, I felt left without air, like a bird flying without wings, not fit for purpose, lost, at the end of the rope. I am so grateful for being rejected so many times, as each time I learnt how your desire is much more powerful than any challenge and turns your vision into a reality! I can’t even remember all the doors shutting down in my face, I lost count how many times I was looked down upon as if I was from a different planet. What I remember instead, is who I am, and where I am going. On reflection, dreams are given to you because you already have everything you need to make it happen. My dream was so big that it scared people off, and, again, if a dream doesn’t scare you, is it worth dreaming?


At least is how I felt at times, many times. Perhaps you could relate to that and therefore you came along, and I feel so humbled knowing that at least one person is reading my book now.

When I turned fifty-one years old, I wrote a non- fiction book by hand which when was published, took me around the world and everybody thought I am a big success, “living the dream” but I never felt successful. Success means different things for different people. until one day, when I had a breakthrough, my Eureka moment that shaped my life until now when I am fifty-six years young.  I wrote book after book, desperately looking for something that works for people like myself, who want to create and deliver value.

What is the key message to you? Be grateful for close doors- they make you open the only doors that never close again- the doors to own Heart.

Sharing my own experience of going into an adventure of the mind, taking my own journey into serendipity, reaching out to new possibilities, could help you discover your unique existing abilities, focus on what really matters- YOU! to master your extraordinary but unknown talent.  

What if you could awaken your sleeping abilities, master your creative powers, melt away negative beliefs for good? Empathy helps expand your mental reach, spiritual abilities, emotional intelligence.

What is this book going to bring you? Firstly, I want to empower you, help you un-learn what you know about yourself, learn what you don’t know about publishing your book and why being the best kept secret is not going to help others or yourself.

My dream is to inspire you to accept your truth, endorse your vision, stop being obsessed by what you don’t have, start looking at the person sitting inside you with love and respect The Universe you are waiting to deliver its abundance on you, is not an external reality. The miracle you have been waiting for is here already, and you are just an open mind away.

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The Universe is you!

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Writing your story is a chance to pay forward. Life blossoms when you step out of your 'comfort zone' and give yourself the chance to inspire others.

When reading a book you could SEE the Author's Soul but when writing your story, your Soul becomes visible to others. Writing is like opening the doors into your own heart, the only doors that once open they never close again...

Imagine how many people you could inspire to, finally, put pen to paper and see where that takes them...

Dr Marina Nani