The Author Club

IF you can think it
you can ink it

The Author Club is a monthly get together where budding like minded authors can meet and work in a constructive group environment.
I came up with this concept because I have now met and helped so many people who are stuck in their creative process. Many of whom have spent thousands of pounds on book writing programs and have nothing to show except feeling deflated, useless and defeated. I am here to tell you, you are not useless and that book you have inside you can be published sooner than you think and can create a better reality for you!

I believe that creativity is your right, and if you are willing to share your story I am here to help you express your talent, experience creativity, put your name on it and add value to your life.
— Dr Marina Nani


The club is primarily for first time authors, I believe its everyone’s right to publish a book and being a indie-author is usually a very lonely experience when it doesn’t need to be. Beyond everything, it is a fun and rewarding experience where you can make meaningful connections with total strangers, including yourself.


The Author Club is a monthly get together which happen at secret locations across Central London and the UK. We sit down in small groups and I guide you through what you need to do to write and publish your book. By working in a group you can benefit from cross-pollination of ideas, knowledge and learn solutions to the struggles all indie authors are facing. 


The Author Club is definitely not another “self development seminar”. There is no stage, no speakers and no one trying to sell you something. This club is for people who are serious about becoming authors and are tired of just another “program” that yields zero results. We are here to remind you who you truly are!

What you will learn


How to structure your book so you can focus on being creative


Define a unique premise for your book, including title and chapters.


How to organise a book launch and get people talking.


How to get published, either as an indie or with a hybrid publisher.


How to get your book into book shops and not just sell online.


What you need to do pre and post launch and why it’s important.



I’m honoured to be a member of such an inspiring club,where knowledge, wisdom and much more can be found under one roof.
— Dave Wilkes


I love The Author Club and your magazine. The articles are all fantastic, inspirational and I receive so much help through the process of publishing my book since I came to The Author Club
— Ania Jeffries


The Author Club is just wonderful. Thank you Marina for a delicious time.
— Izabella Niewiadomska


I offer two types of membership to The Author Club. A yearly membership (12 meetups in total) which should provide ample time and experience for you to become a published author. This is the best value package at roughly £50 per meeting. Alternatively, if you only need some help or would simply like to trial it I also have single visit tickets. If you attend on a single visit ticket and decide to upgrade to a full membership I will of deduct the price of the ticket so you do not pay anything extra.

Once purchased, I will email you the welcome pack and invite you to the secret Facebook Group where you can get to know the other members.

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Dr Marina Nani