Rich times of austerity

Is the Budget’s big picture showing the small prints? I could only wish the young students going into education so abundantly talented could come out reacher. I could only wish the education spending squeeze would have come to an end. One thing that children fail to learn before they enter adulthood is their identity, who they are and who they could become once they learn and study their unique gift, understand what they need to do next to master their strengths.


Learning to focus on what you have already instead of what you don’t have, could save NHS billions and could bring this great nation’s generations of creatives a sense of inner greatness that could change the way we see ourselves- become a nation of Sovereigns.

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As a social edification scientist, I worked with thousands of people across industries and cultures, who created their own reality, and made it better, knowing that they have it all.

I wish you could SEE yourself with a fresh pair of eyes. I can’t be you, but I can help you open new doors, that never close again: The Doors to your own Heart!

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Dr Marina Nani