To tell or not to tell


Words are the most precious gift for human kind. The fact that you have the natural ability to choose your words, confirms the power of human communication and the energy that comes within. What are the words you tell yourself when nobody is listening? What are the words you choose to tell others? Do you use words with constructive energy?

Is your daily language filled with words of action, value, encouragement, uplifting and emotionally charged with high vibration or are you choosing words of law energy, stripping your being of a natural desire to be? Are the words diminishing your actions, values and beliefs? Words could bring you on the brink of desperation, or could take your breath away with their beauty.

Words can help or humiliate, heal or harm, build or ruin a relationship. The one relationship that determine all relationships you hold with other people, your creativity, your finances , your social status and everything in between is the relationship you have with yourself.

What is the story you tell yourself when nobody is listening?

Each day is a blank canvas. The words you use today have the ability to colour a master piece.

If you want to change your ‘money- story’ or ‘your love- story’ join us tomorrow at The Author Club in London

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Dr Marina Nani