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Happy Hour is about hitting the bars on a Friday evening to forget a week that is best left in the past. Colourful drinks and beers on tap are made available for as little as £10. What if you have it each day? What if is all you are left with?


Too often drinking is part of the culture and become an expectation, not a choice. Across the world, people are struggling with addiction to alcohol and the traumatic outcome that comes with it, sometimes as a result of their own choices and sometimes as the result of others’ drinking. There are information available, but as we all know, is not about the information you can google anymore, is about making meaningful connections with somebody who conquered their challenge, is about the storytelling.

Each story holds healing powers. A story could complement and fulfill the specialist support which is not enough to help those who need better solutions for their challenges. Ahead of the Alcohol Awareness week, we invited along Sirpa, a dear friend of mine from Finland, to join us at October Edition of The Author Club in London, for a different kind of Happy Hour. She told us her story and shared with us her dream to inspire other people with her story.

Sirpa Hanhisalo came along not sure what to expect and within an hour we had a NEW TITLE IN THE MAKING: 'SHAME- How to keep your glass half full without the alcohol' and a very beautiful AUTHOR-TO-BE imagining her own book to be launched right here, at the Waterstones, in the heart of London! During our Happy Hour, Sirpa Hanhisalo got her whole book planned and strategically structured with the end in mind. Few cups of coffee and decaf later, Sirpa told us:


Do you know somebody with a book inside? Bring them along next month, first Saturday in November, help them change the way they look at life and what they SEE when they look in the mirror.

Congratulations Sirpa Hanhisalo! Looking forward to sharing your story with our readers at The Quantum of Light Magazine!

We hope to have Dr. Gill Braham ( President of Rich Woman Club) and Roger Cheetham ( The Author Club-Yorkshire) back for the November edition when we are launching Donia Youssef’s Book II of a the Monster series ( another 48 books to go) at Waterstones.

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Here are the next dates https://www.drmarinanani.com/the-authors-…/…/the-author-club

Dr Marina Nani