Answering your calling


Maybe I am just very lucky- I wake up early, and I sleep like a log. Or maybe I should mention that I don’t have a phone… Since I ditched my mobile phone, last year, I have plenty of time to see my grandchildren, make meaningful connections with new friends and run three magazines. It is true, sometimes people get frustrated as they can’t call me when they want to talk with me, and struggle to understand how on earth could anyone live without a mobile phone in third millennium? Here is the thing: I am not doing anything anymore, I am just being myself. Truth to be told, it is since I ditched the mobile phone that I can answer my own calling.

‘How do I keep up with the outside world?’ is a question I hear more than often. Here is my question to you:

What could connect you with the Inner World of yours and others?

How do you live without a mobile phone?

How do you live without a mobile phone?

While I was launching my books around the world for 1000 days, I couldn’t use my phone, even I had a very expensive contract that supposed to keep me connected with my family from any location under the sun. The network would fail every single time I tried to make a phone call and costed me a fortune for all incoming calls in the middle of the night, most of the time, as I was in a different timezone. Travelling by myself for three years, not having my family around, left me with no choice but to talk with total strangers, including myself. It is during this trip when I discovered Inner Peace.


For a long time I wanted to interview Margaret, for Sovereign Magazine, but she is so dedicated to her life mission that we never had the chance to talk about her story, and extraordinary story about compassion and leadership. When we received an invite to her retreat, I could not believe my luck! Just returned to London, I decided to put pen on paper to express my gratitude and share what we learned during two fabulous days in an oasis of inner peace.

My grandmother told me to bring a gift wherever I go to visit somebody. As you guessed, I couldn’t go empty handed, so I invited along my friend, Dr Gill Barham- a true gift of life, known as the Vitality Queen.

Together we drove this autumn to the one of the most beautiful English countryside I ever seen. It was after dark when we arrived but the air was gently scented with apple perfume and I promised myself to wake up early and discover the apple tree, which I could not see yet but I knew was there…

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Part II- To be continued tomorrow…

Dr Marina Nani