After the storm

Just before I wake up this morning a had a short but beautiful dream. A woman in her mid forties was watching the ocean, and I was there telling her ‘Like everybody else, you are just a drop rising from the Ocean of Love but your unique essence is what makes you who you are’ and while I was saying this, I heard something at the back at the house and went to open the back door. To my astonishment, when I opened the door, a wave of flowers start flowing in…

I woke up wondering who is this woman in my dream, and why the smell of my coffee couldn’t replace the scented air from my dream, which was keeping me company at breakfast…

Just before lunch I had a call that was moved from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm. I never ‘google’ anyone before an interview, as I like to connect with people’s energy while learning their story. This time, I clicked on the link my guest provided, just to see…a picture of the very woman from my dream! When we had our call, I told her that I am glad the call was delayed and I had the chance to looked into her story. Somehow, I couldn’t help myself, and against any logic, I told her about my dream and that she is the woman who came into my dream. ‘The back door… is where we went to hide when the tornado destroyed everything we had and this is why we are still alive…’ she says.


In the next minutes I learned that a tornado destroyed their home and after a horrendous experience, they lost everything they had. Forced to rebuild their life, they become aware that life goes on as long as they have each other.

We ended the call with the promise to stay in touch and have an interview in The Quantum of Light Magazine before she launches her book.

‘That was a turning point in Deborah’s personal journey. She learned that she could survive absolutely anything, and that no setback was too dire as long as she had her family.’

Like everybody else, you, my dear reader, remember that all that happened to you, happened for you…Each day, you embrace adversity and have the chance to survive tornadoes, lose everything, go through heartbreaking challenges, just to be able to come back from your own ashes and share your story…Within your story, you share your unique essence- which activates your limitless strength. Sharing your story makes you a contributor to humanity’s history and your book, your birth certificate.

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Dr Marina Nani