Piece it together


Now more than ever before in history, people are facing a deep identity crises. I will not drop any names, simply because I refuse to give credit to those who don’t deserve it. Instead, I made my mission to give credit where is due, long overdue.

We all start a journey and at some point, learn that you are going in the wrong direction. When you look around you, almost everybody left, they had their wake up call, you are one of the few waiting for the train to take you North of six figures, by itself, even you are travelling South at present. Then you start wondering ‘Do I come out now, or at the next stop?’ Of course some of us could be wondering for a very long time, in fact, forever, and that becomes ‘ok’. It is, really?


Lack of direction and indecision are two major ‘make or break’ self sabotaging skills. Sometimes taking a half hour stroll takes you further away than travelling by train for a week…

I am not here to tell you off, but because there are only two weeks before all trains, going both directions, will stop for a major break, I have to remind you who you are. Give yourself permission to MAKE IT!.

More than anything, I must give you the recognition you so well deserve! What can you do to re-invigorate your life purpose? Is it worth opening your heart onto what is possible? I get it, it is daunting, and yes, it is a tall order when same social platforms where you position yourself is convincing the world that building a wall is all that it takes to ‘make America great’. Can you learn from what they did to ‘make it’? I learn all the time, and I focus on what I don’t know yet, not about others, but about myself.

If you look closely at the brilliant services you offer, it isn’t the product that is lacking, is your brand ethos.

It is so easy to be confused, as a person, but helps to remember who you are. If you are the leader of your business, big or small, you must apply the self leadership golden rule: your are not selling your product or service to your clients, but a better version of themselves.

People pay for what they value and value what they pay for.

Next time when you want to reduce your prices as a growth strategy, just remember:

What can you do to align your direction, your decisions and your ultimate offer? What can you do to piece together what seems to be a fragmented shell of what you want to become?

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Be authentic, Confidence sells. One of my dear friends, Ania Jeffries who is practically gifting the world with confidence, is about to launch her own show on BYP TV : Confidence Talks.

Ask yourself: Why be afraid of what others might think of you? Have you ever considered that people only think about themselves? When you focus on your own decisions and think for yourself, something really weird happens, you win your self imposed limitations, one by one, and that is what it takes to bring home the big wins!!!

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If you want clarity of what is that you want, take a stroll with me, before you start thinking that going in the opposite direction is ‘ok’

It is not ok. You deserve better!

Dr Marina Nani