More Books than Bookshelves?

Since we launched the Start a Conversation Campaign last week, in Sovereign Magazine, I had hundreds of emails asking if we have a similar page for The Quantum of Light Magazine. As one of our readers said, ‘There are more books than bookshelves! Help!’

There are well over two billions books available. What can you do, to be read?


Once a year The Quantum of Light Magazine publishes the Buyer's Catalogue , with thousands of titles, old and new, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Biography, Children's titles, to help major book buyers find the "must read" titles for the year ahead. It's completely free to list your titles.

Full colour Author’s picture and the book cover’s can be added for a small cost and could make your entry stand out!

Give major buyers the chance to pick your book!

In the meantime, this is my pick for this week

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Want to publish your story?

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one of the authors to autograph ‘Your Stardust Story’ - a book that is guaranteed to fly off the shelves in 2019!

What radiates from every page is a cocktail of authentic stories, never told before, and the magic of soulful story-telling, stirring your imagination into a reality that otherwise would be outside reach…Thought Leaders, Stateswomen, Authors and Princesses are sharing this magic space with media personalities, nurses, bus drivers, academics and pilots.

Dr Marina Nani