Sandpaper People

We live in a world where everything is done and it is done really well.

Now is the time TO BE
— Dr Marina Nani

The sandpaper people- if you want to be grateful to somebody, be grateful to them! They rub you the wrong way, so you polish your act.

The fast boiling haters- they try to stop you and put the lead on your pot where big dreams are boiling. What happens next? The water comes to boil in record time!

The door closer- they close the door when they see you coming, usually they slam the door in your face!

This is why I build my first Sésame Door...and then the next one- that was just the beginning!

Do love each and every one of those people who tries so hard to stop you, kill your dream because it is too big of a dream! Where would you be without them?

We owe them who we become!


I am grateful to you for forging ahead with your BIG DREAM!

I can’t thank you enough for bringing your vision to boil, for feeding somebody’s mind with healthy food! I am grateful for bringing your fruits to this feast for the soul, we are all sharing!

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Give your Story a better chance

Have a Stardust weekend! Remember to share your story!

Dr Marina Nani