Chasing the next Opportunity?


Reflecting on this week’s events, I could only say that the same energy you put in chasing the next opportunity, if you use it wisely, could really turn you into THE OPPORTUNITY.

What I am really saying, is that once you become aware of your unique gift and talent, you start to SEE life with a fresh pair of eyes, and everything changes. Althea Grant, launched this week 5050Voices -All Voices must be heard’

We are all invited to join the stage, where the magic happens, become protagonists instead of spectators. While being a spectator is easy, performing is a different level of commitment, is the awareness process that changes everything, not only your perception about yourself, but the perception of those people you could help, your clients.

I can’t help but thinking of those’ free’ events which some people can’t stop attending, and I understand why they want to grab that chair which is offered to them, free of charge…Going to a movie it will require you to pay for the ticket, and the pop corn, and the drinks, why not going to a free event instead? But are you really treating yourself well when choosing to be, one of the ‘bums on chairs’- the official jargon used in the self develop for the self development industry

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What is the most important asset do you have right now? We both know that TIME is the only asset that IT MATTERS…In fewer words, time is what you make of it.

What if instead of chasing the opportunity, you take that energy to a different level, and turn your talent into a masterpiece?

What if you become the opportunity you seek?

Dr Marina Nani