Listening to your Passion

You aren't learning anything when you're talking. Lyndon B. Johnson


Joanna is a very success businesswoman who recently retired. Now is her time to travel, write and… play violin. No, she is not a musician, she just loves playing violin when nobody could hear her…She takes her violin and she goes to remote shores around the country. Like me, Joanna doesn’t wear a watch but she loves to walk on the beach until she finds a quite spot to play her violin until the sun disappears and daylight fades away…

I was listening to Joanna’s story, a story of courage and determination. I learned a lot about her without asking any questions, without saying anything, just listening. After she retired, she had thousands of followers on her social media but the pressure to have a selfie or a live broadcast, was affecting her health, her relationships and everything was too much.


‘There is a lot of noise on social media, everybody wants to be heard, to communicate their message, to broadcast their daily live video on FB, which could overwhelm you and your audience…Most people just want to ‘pick your brain’, steal your idea, and sell it on without giving you any recognition, same people have no shame…What can you do to stand out from the millions of people who broadcast daily on social media?’

One day she closed all her media accounts and decided to ‘just be’ she told me and I could see deep disappointment, anger and hurt in her violet- blue eyes. Joanna offered a very authentic solution for a challenge that most women face at same point in life but before she knew it other people start monetising her solution, while she offered everything for free. The demand for her time was overwhelming, in no time become a full time job, an unpaid job to be more precise. Joanna end up on a hospital bed, alone, broke, all by herself, none of her fans offered to help her, nobody came by … After listening to her story, I told her, in few sentences, what her real challenge was, and why thousands of people she helped did not care when she was facing challenging times.

We sat on that rock together for few good hours and she said ‘I never felt listened before, thank you. You gave me my life back… ’

On reflection, when I listen, I learn twice as much then when I am speaking. If, just like Joanna, you decided to switch from social media, and you feel there is nowhere to go, join MTN Media, which creates solutions for creative people.


Perhaps you don’t think you have a Stardust Story. Listening to thousands of people, I become a good listener. I am very grateful for all the stories I shares around the world, and I want to extend my invitation to share yours and the solution you created for a certain struggle, so others could benefit from knowing you.

Joanna teaches now musical therapy lessons . She never thought of sharing what ultimately saved her life. Music is therapeutic, improves well-being, brings about positive change to help people who are affected by illness, disability or injury.

Are you supporting others emotionally, socially? Do you educate your friends or clients on solving their psychological, emotional, physical, communicative and social needs? 

YOU ARE THE SOLUTIONARY - let the world know you!

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