Remember who you are


Watching the golden leaves falling down and the trees letting them go and thinking that failure doesn't really exist. The cycle of life takes us from Spring to Autumn just to teach us that no winter could survive spring…There are only 55 days left until we all move into the new year.

Do not look back, focus, no matter what’

I remember interviewing a world champion few years ago and he told me how for eight years he was leading the race but ended second…Year after year. He explained that just before the finishing line, he looked behind him, for a split second and lost focus of the finishing line, enough for another competitor to arrive first. He eventually become the Champion but only when he remembered what his mentor told him: ‘Do not look back, focus, no matter what’

It was a year of growth and grit, a year when you learned more than ever before that success is different for each one of us, but is a choice. All the challenges that you had to overcome, each battle that you won or lost, all the adversities you had to face, all the disappointments that happened to you this year, happened for you.


Feeling sad is all right, and yes, not everything turned out to be what you intended to be, but, get over it. Life never gets better, you get better at life and this is when you feel ‘it’s easy’.

Imagine if the seeds will be afraid to grow into trees, 
if the flowers will be afraid to share their pollen, 
if the sun will be afraid to rise again

Imagine, the seeds you planted this year growing into fruit bearing trees, next year, the flowers cross- pollinating the fields, next year and the sun smiling back with you, right now.

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Remember who you are

Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. You tell them!