Sésame Doors


The truth is very simple. I am going to share with you today the truth about Sésame doors. Personally I know you are coming from the realms of Sésame Doors makers, just like me. If you look at your front door you can notice that what makes the door open are the small hinges and the actual weight of the door is carried away by those little awesome pieces of metal which are designed to swing the door.

There is so much more you could be! What could you do to exit the struggles you are facing each day and land where you want to be? What is possible when you decide to be better?


Have you noticed that I did not use the word ‘how?’ and instead I asked ‘what?’ You heard before that Words have power and you agreed. If other people’s words have power, your own words have power. Right?

When a door or another is not opening, and certain doors you try so hard to open get slammed in your face, it is not the end of the world. If anything, is the beginning of your own world!

Back to my initial question, what could you do to become who you deserve to be right now? I know you are trying really hard, like I did, and unlike people who are selling the ‘secret’ and forget to tell you that YOU ARE THE BEST KEPT SECRET, I know that ‘finding yourself’ is a futile exercise. Instead, you can make the decision to become!

So, here is what I did when the doors I wanted to enter were closing in my face. I build a door, then another door, and another and I am keep building them, all the time, they are my Sésame Doors. Rightly or wrongly, I have only two rules: throw the key away and I keep the door wide open!

If you want to ‘find yourself’, you don’t need to lock yourself in a remote cabin, in the forest for the next five years. There is nothing to find. You must BECOME who you want to be- and here is the naked truth: Becoming is a choice. Dr Marina Nani

What do you need to build a door if you never done it before?

In a metaphorical way, one of the little hinges I use to swing the big doors I create all the time is the power of words.


I start by replacing some weak- doubtful words with solid words. From the very beginning, I replaced ‘How’ with ‘WOW!’ Instead of spending my energy and exhausting my courage wondering about ‘How am I going to go from where I am to where I am to be?’ I said to my self: ‘WOW! I am going to go where the eagles dare!‘

I start by asking myself better questions. In stead of asking myself ‘How am I going to deliver Stardust?’ I said to myself: WHY NOT! WOW! I am here to deliver Stardust!

If like me, doors do not just open for you, start building your own doors, and always remember to throw the key away and leave them open! At some point, all Sesame Doors start opening in front of you, without you even asking, or pushing. Then you must choose the ones that take you where you want to be. But more about that next time…

My Sesame Doors is always open for you!

My Sesame Doors is always open for you!

In the meantime, enter one of my Sésame Doors, if you like what you see, Welcome Home!