Is Social Media making or breaking your dream?

Be the leader of the life and business you want, you do not lack, you have so much inside you, the times you feel inadequate will be when you compare, and then you despair, end this year not trying to be like anyone else, be you, your dreams, your definition of success, your voice, your choices.
— Penny Power

There is no easy way of living with Purpose without becoming your Purpose. Knowing that you did not even scratch the surfaces of who you are, could be a scary thought but in essence is liberating. Becoming more is never about doing more, but bringing more of your essence into the outer world. You are creating a home for people's dream, and build them up to become a reality. Giving a roof to those who dare to dream is what brings prosperity in the world. 


This year was a liberating year for many people, including myself. Personally I discovered that doing less enables you TO BE more. I want to thank you again for sharing your story and inspiring our readers. In this article Penny Power is talking about finding the courage to leave behind who and what is not residing within the frequency of your Vision.

Dr Marina Nani