Eyes on the Stars


Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. Theodore Roosevelt

Christmas waves a magic wand over our souls, our family, our world, and beyond. In the last eight years I made a new friend each day but this month I invite them along, one by one, to have a heart to heart under the Christmas Tree, have Stardust Conversations.

Where the conversations go?


Well, let’s say we look up to each other, same way you would look at the stars, and then we start to make sense of what we see, allow ourselves to wonder about what is the meaning of the universe, our existence. We become curious about each other and about ourselves. We become Stardust Friends for and after life. We connect with the Universe. We take responsibility for our own Universe.

My Stardust Friend Tanya came yesterday and we went to the core of her dream: Tanya always wanted to have her own Show. The show title came to my mind since we first spoke with each other, even we were talking about something so randomly different to start with, but I coun’t’t helped it, it just hit me, like a beautiful song The Wake up Call.

Strangely enough Tanya wrote a beautiful poem with the same title few years ago…Tanya’s show on BYP TV starts on 15 January 2019.

Ask yourself, what have you been waiting for?

Why keep the world waiting? Nothing can stop you but yourself. and that is the simple truth. Want something? Ask. The SOLUTION is always right in front of you.

Remember, only You could put your name on your dream. Nobody else can. You are the one and only.

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Today I am waiting for an another dear friend to bring her Stardust under the Christmas Tree. Stay tuned, can’t wait to tell you where the conversations go next

Dr Marina Nani