What do you want for Christmas?


If I could tell Santa what to give you,
It would be happiness and peace
Not just this Christmas,
but for the entire year.
Let the Spirit of Love gently fill our hearts and homes!

Dr Marina Nani

When I’ve decided on my ultimate goal for 2018, I did not know if is possible but I simply decided NOT to react to life, but to act on the miracle called life, the unique gift I was gifted with. The standards of your thinking determine the standards of your life, unequivocally. What is possible when you do not to let life ‘get in the way’ ? It is really strange that everybody teaches you to do things, instead of making you aware that everything is DONE, even yourself, you are done to perfection (with all your perfect imperfections) and your only job is TO BE. We call ourselves human beings but in all honesty, but, in fact, this is such an overstatement! We are conditioned to act as human doings. Setting goals will always bring excitement and setting backs and that is ok as long as you focus on what really matters: BECOMING YOU.

On reflection, I can SEE that deliberately creating your intentions, allows you to replace your to do list with your TO BE list, becoming the cause of your life instead of letting life randomly taking you places where you do not want to be. Most importantly, you become aware that you are NOT the victim of others or circumstances. Know this: You have the ability to choose your thoughts and change them. Ask yourself: Is your internal story, the story you tell yourself when nobody is listening, serving your Purpose?


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It is great if you want to create your dream life, not many people are brave enough, actually only 6% do, but the question is HOW BAD DO YOU WANT WHAT YOU WANT?

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My TO BE list is one of the few simple tools I used in the last three decades, which served me well. When you know what you want, I am here for you. After all, Wisdom is an up-grade of the most advanced knowledge and only works when you light another candle with your flame…

Merry Christmas my Stardust Friend!

Dr Marina Nani