Gratitude brings Love and Peace

Today is an extraordinary day for me, as I am taking a long moment to count my blessings


Each time gratitude comes along it unlocks a new door, brings a new person, showers us with new richness and fullness. It changes the narrative, what seems to be enough before, now is plenty and more. It trades the ‘how’ for the ‘WOW!’, rejection for acceptance, busyness for freedom, scepticism for enthusiasm, confusion for clarity. At this time is when a total stranger becomes a partner for life, a meal becomes a feast, a house becomes a home.

This year is coming to a draw and I am deeply humbled by people who showed me their love without being afraid of giving too much, people who, just like me, expected nothing in return. There is a deep sense of that Gratitude comes with people, people who are better now than they have been yesterday, people who embraced their truth and had the courage to deliver their vision.


People come and go and I am very grateful for those who are here and equality grateful for those who are gone, as they made room for new, higher energy to take me where I belong. Gratitude is hard work, harder than you might want to admit. Gratitude is like water, helps you make sense of the past and the lessons you learned, and brings inner peace into the present moment, opening a new door into the future.

While feeling the gratitude is receiving a well deserve gift, not showing your gratitude is like buying a present and holding on it, just in case, it is not good enough for the person you feel the gratitude for.


I am grateful to my children and my grandchildren who kept me hopeful and made personal sacrifices to help me when I was in a bad place. I am grateful to Dr Neslyn , my High Performance Coach for pushing me to the next dimension of my vision, and believing in my big dream called Social edification. I am grateful to Tineke, who, unlike any person I ever met, could only think of others first. I am grateful to Valeria, a young business woman, and her zest for life, for her passion for seeding prosperity everywhere she goes.


I am grateful for thousands of people who allow me to love them, celebrate them and be inspired by them.


May 2019 be the most prosperous year for Humanity!

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With Infinite Gratitude and Love

Dr Marina Nani