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You heard already that courage is not the lack of fear but facing your fear. Thousands of women took a stand and shared their story this year. I am a good listener. and while no story is the same, there is a missing link I wish each writer will own before putting pen on paper. Most storytellers took a class or enrolled into a personal development course to monetise their story but only 40 authors made a return on their investment. Yes, 40. I always teach my students to have a strategy that includes both story telling and story selling but to focus on building the story, same way Romans created Colosseum or the Pantheon. Each story is a legacy.


The storytelling

It is a time of giving and giving makes you abundant. The more you give, the more you have. At some point I decided to write a book about storytellers and here we are with over ten thousands pre-orders. Here are few questions to ask yourself, should you feel you have a story inside - who doesn’t ?

  • What is that readers want?

  • Do the want the story?

  • Do they want the story behind the story?

  • Do they want the storyteller?

    From where I stand, readers are buying the unique energy you bring into your story. Time to ask yourself better questions:

  • What inspires them? What is ‘IN’ for them?

  • What makes them vibrate to a higher frequency?

The Story selling

No, selling your story is not about your readers. How do you sell your book? Might sound strange, but unless you are Shakespeare, Storytellers don't sell their story, they build it into an edifice to welcome readers’ wildest dreams.

The Inner Story - The Story building

Now is a good time as ever to remember that everything is done, and is done really well. Look around. From food to health and finances, there is nothing that somebody else did not think it yet. Inspiration is in short supply. I hear that you’ve been told to take others ideas, mix them up and create a new airspace that will skyrocket your profits. Let’s say, up-dating others solutions is acceptable, how do you feel about it? Maybe you feel a sense of achievement, but do you feel fulfilled? What can make you feel fulfilled? What can you do, to stand out? What can make you memorable? Might be hard to understand and it will be even harder for you to manifest it, but at least doesn’t cost you anything: You don’t need to do anything. Just BE…

If you tell to sell doesn’t mean that anyone is going to buy it . What can you do for your title so it stands out from those new books published each three minutes?

I am not going to share with you how many stories without story I lived to see on Amazon. Everybody could be an author but the choice should be yours. There is no such thing like a ‘one size fits all dream to sell your story, and be rich and famous’. The choice is yours: do you sell it or live it? Is your edifice beautiful enough to last after your life time and stand up for generations to come? Story building determines Humanity’s future.

Everything starts with a big dream. Don't settle for less. Don’t feel discouraged. Put another brick on your edifice. And sing from the heart. Your story doesn’t need to end because you are not one of the 40 authors who made it big. Your story only ends when you stop building.

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