How to resist binge posting during and after the festive season


Most people post on social media to sell their services or products ‘without selling’. Spending too much time while doing so, helps you realise that you did all the right steps just to end up buying, instead of selling. While others are enjoying life on extended vacations, you are desperately surfing the net from your sofa.

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Why does it feel like you hit a brick wall? Are others better salespeople than you will ever be? After trying clever styles of posting funny pictures , live videos, quotes, borrowing somebody else’s idea, and everything in between, you ask yourself: Am I good enough? The good news is that you are plenty! There is nothing wrong with your services and products.

It all comes down to ‘ the new rules of engagement’.

  • Who are the people you want to engage with?

  • When do you start the conversation?

  • Where do you go with it?

More than often, there is too much disappointment from not being visible on social media, and creatives are making bold decisions: ‘Forget social media! I am going to have my own column in a magazine.’

If like them, you really want to open the gates of your wisdom, realise your purpose, take back control of your life, now is a good time to resist binge posting during, and after, the festive season.

I created a two tier story-line structure to help you bring the message home.


This structure will help you build your article and create a rough draft of your message. As you know already the outcome, is a matter of simply expanding your notes into fully-formed ideas. Starting with the end in mind, having a structure, brings clarity to the whole message from the get-go.

Unlike your posts, each article is a chance to offer your solution for a certain challenge, to a certain audience. While sharing your solution with a fresh, vibrant audience, reaching out to discerning travellers who earn in excess of £100,000 a year, you can relax, take back control of your time.

Building up the two story-lines is similar with building a house with two floors. Remember to put the roof on!

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