Sunset thoughts

Energy is everything all round you from within.


Energy is the power of your thoughts connecting with The Universe.

Choose your thoughts same way you would travel to an exotic destination, barefoot.

Connecting with yourself is a journey to your pureself.

Have no doubt- You have it all.

Nobody can take away your smile.


Smile often with no reason.

It might not change the world but could change somebody’s world.

Fear nothing but doubting yourself.

Fight not adversities, obstacles and loneliness; let them make you stronger

Remember who you are. Remember where are you going.

Think of what you have already.

You are full of light. Stand tall into your own Light.

Is still dark outside. Walk your Light on somebody else’s dark hour.

Wake up the child within. Peace starts with you.

Let it be for the greater good of all involved

You have the power of your thoughts melting hazards away,

clearing you path into better, plenty, and more.

You have the power to unleash your direct Connection with the Universe. Be…

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You always have me, my friend, to be travelling together into Serendipity

Dr Marina Nani