Who can resist Chocolate?


During my last trip to Singapore, I took few bad pictures of some amazing places.

Launching one of my books at Cheese and Chocolate Bar at Marina Bay Sands, was a yummy experience in more ways than one.

To be fair, my only question for the whole evening, wasn’t who is going to be brave enough to write their own story in 2019, but who can resist chocolate?

With a more than double consumption than the recommended amount of sugar, one in three children is obese by the time they are 10. Chances are that one in three children will grow to be an overweight adult, suffering of type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Can you give up chocolate?


Sovereign Magazine team went searching for some answers and we came across the perfect solution: The Chocolate with Soul, created by Mani and Ash Hirani, back in the UK.

Here is their story, as they live it

Meeting them, you might not need to give up chocolate, after all!

Dr Marina Nani