My Christmas Wish this year

Why is it that sometimes we can’t see?

Unlike other beings who exist in a two dimensional space, we have the advantage of living in a three dimensional universe: the outer world (as we know it, depending on personal perception), the inner world (with all the feelings we experience inside our heart) and the most exclusive one, unique to the human kind only ( until now, at least): The Human Story

My own story is WHY NOT! The story you tell yourself, when nobody is listening, is the most relevant story and determines what you tell others, as you grow your courage and become aware that you are good enough and give yourself permission to help others…


This last dimension of our magnificent existence, the story, what we can create with our own mind, without asking permission, determines humanity’s future and strangely enough, most of the time is overlooked.

For example, our dog, Lex, can not tell me his story, even his loving eyes are telling me how much he loves the food we cook for him each day, but I can tell him (or anyone else!) what is in my mind, should I choose to do so.

Giving makes you abundant
— Dr Marina Nani

In my own experience, listening to my own story helps me listening to other people’s story, giving them a voice and THAT is what really keeps me flying on this high vibration path that takes me each day a step further into serendipity…One story at a time!

As promised, I have no intention on ever selling scandal or gossip, I only give you the good news! While sharing the good news might or might not make me a famous journalist, what really matters to me is to broadcast your ideas, your passion and make the good news!

Rightly or wrongly, I don’t really focus on the big news, but on the news that matters to you and our community. Most of the time our local Interest gets global, you can read about matters that are closer to your heart, than to your home. But this time, I have big news and if you could care to listen to what Mark and Sharon have to say, you might be moving to your dream home within weeks!


My latest story in Sovereign Magazine is about a UK couple who sacked their estate agents and decided to sell their home for less, a lot less.


Estates agents struggled for a while to sell this dream riverside home, 6 bedrooms, over 3 floors (7,500 sq feet) worth over 3 million, and with the property market in tatters, Mark and Sharon decided to take a completely original approach, and reduced the asking price to a rather affordable £25, pay the stamp duty and cover £1500 of legal fees.

Of course, there is a catch!


So far all my Christmas wishes came true! This year I wish one of our readers wins Mark’s and Sharon’s home, as it is given away with generosity and love


There is no local story that is not good enough for our readers who spread now over five continents. For our readers abroad, asking me what else they need to pay to own the property when they win the raffle, the answer is very simple: your shipping is not included, that is something you have to cover from your own pocket.

The Major cost attached to any property sale in the UK, is called stamp duty, and it is, in this exceptional sale generously covered by the property seller. Isn’t that extraordinary? I hope you could learn a lot from this story. You heard me saying this many times but I really love this story for two main reasons ( apart for another £3 million other reasons!)

  1. We can dream together a better reality!

  2. Now I have the proof that generosity makes you abundant!

Dr Marina Nani