Can your Story heal?


There is a lot going on behind the scenes, and when producing the next masterpiece, the MTN Media #StardustTeam is thinking of all the people who could really benefit from reading this extraordinary new book by Award Winning Author Donia Youssef, a book about second chances: Children, parents, local communities, medical teams, all coming together to conquer the Monster who got inside a child's body

I have full confidence that this book is more than just another book, is a spiritual journey that teaches you about the desire to live and resilience, hope and unconditional love.
This book is going to change the way you SEE your challenges and help the charity that is providing arts in medicine for children with serious illness.

#TheMonsterInMykie is the second book of #TheMonsterBookSeries by Award Winning Author Donia Youssef 
Witnessing her story , as it happens, you can't help but be in awe of the strength and courage that Donia, a cancer survivor who is sharing her own story, teaches us compassion, with gratitude and graceful humility. After publishing her first book, The Monster in Mummy Donia created #TheMonsterBookSeries which is an authentic vision to advocate for honest communication, hope and support for #CancerSurvivors and a pure expression of Donia Youssef's love for people, especially for the people who, like herself, conquered the most dramatic stages of happiness, surviving cancer... Mykie is an extraordinary mature 12 years old child, who recently had his last chemo treatment, a 12 years old hero, who inspires us with his story of courage .Congratulations! to both Donia Youssef and Mykie. Looking forward to seeing you at the book launch!

Dr Marina Nani