If you remember those chemistry classes, you were in a laboratory, having fun and learning that a mixture of two or more substances is called SOLUTION. While most of the time one of the solvents is water, outside the chemistry class, the best solvent is your past, those lessons you learned while surviving challenges, divorce, birth, death, solitude, alienation, exclusion ageing, trauma, racism, betrayal, pay gap, loss, grief and even success... I know I did, all of it, to be more precise, and I am so grateful for not winning all the time, for learning that no matter what, there is more to life, or should I say, there is more to what you could make of life challenges...You could make yourself stronger, accepting that life never gets easier but, yes, you BECOME STRONGER✨💖🌎✨
In real life the substance dissolved in another substance, the solvent, is your essence, what makes you you! 
Wouldn't be a terrible loss to leave YOUR SOLUTION in the past instead of turning it into a vision, so others don't need to struggle as you did, they might be total strangers, but you know they deserve better, you know that YOUR SOLUTION is unique and unless you share it, nobody will really benefit...I guess, what I am saying is that you have a moral duty to share your essence, what makes you- YOU, THE ONE AND ONLY

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Dr Marina Nani