Africa- a continent that is so rich and yet so poor

Dr. Vivian Timothy- Self taught Nigerian, Germany based, Visual Artist, her paintings center on the beauty, riches and social anomalies of Africa- a continent that is so rich and yet so poor, a story of broken innocent girls and her love for Africa.

Imagine you have a magic wand. What would you change?

What disturbs me is the disunity among women. It has always been in the Woman’s nature to be her sister’s keeper. For example, in the African socio-cultural setting there has always existed a social cooperation among rural women. For instance, during the farming season, Women would form themselves into an aid group. In this, they would collectively assist each person in clearing, tilling and cultivating one another’s large farm. An exercise they would continue to rotate until every woman’s large farmland is fully cultivated. A cooperative help that ensures an optimum harvest for all participants. These are the values that have always formed and forged the bond of strength and unity among women. So let us use those hands that are used in pulling each other down, to build each other up.

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I believe that when women with different lifestyles,  mindsets, language, beliefs, ideology, and color come together, incredible things happen because our strength lies in our diversity. 

Dr Marina Nani