Words have Power

'Kindness is your biggest gift and the greatest wealth you will ever possess' Danielle Serpico

Danielle Serpico’s dream has always been to inspire people with her art and her words, but somehow she ended up becoming an entrepreneur in the Restaurant trade with four businesses. In 2009, after 16 years, she closed the doors on her last restaurant and that’s when her next journey started in personal development, training with the best in the world and discovering her true passion.

She is now a world leading Mind Coach, Hypnotist and Certified Licensed NLP Practitioner, Master& Trainer. She is also a European Gold and Silver Medal Champion in Kenpo Karate and teaches Self Defence for Mind, Body & Spirit as well as hosting two very popular weekly Radio Shows - RadioMasterMind on wwww.charityradio.ie and ‘MindMatters’ on 103.2 Dublin City FM.

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