Growing Tomatoes on my balcony

Growing tomatoes on my balcony is an old dream of mine, which never ceased to excite me. If anything, reading my blog today will put a smile on your face.


Cherry tomatoes are very easy to grow, need little care and will produce at least few baskets in a growing season. In the afternoon my balcony turns into a suntrap, and is very rewarding witnessing how these tiny green drops ripen into red sunny bites.


Delicious trendy snacks, cherry tomatoes contain potassium, phosphorus and magnesium a well as many vitamins A, B, B2, B6 and C. I will turn fifty eight this summer and my nervous system could really enjoy some home grown cherry tomatoes!

I really hope to share some of our cherry tomatoes this year with my dear friend Dalal Akoury who lives in the states. I hope she will come to London to launch her magazine Healpreneur. Dalal will confirm that cherry tomatoes have a positive impact on kidney stones, liver conditions and prostate cancer.

Honestly, few extra antioxidants could always chase away those vicious cardiovascular diseases or gastrointestinal infections.

While preparing the soil, remember that tomatoes need a well drained soil that find it easy to receive some nutrition during the growing season.

There are two reasons I am really excited this year: working in partnership with my grandchildren, Alexandra and Maximillian and gardening with the only titanium garden set in the world!

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While growing vegetable instead of flowers on my balcony this year, there will not be any room left to walk, but that’s all right, as we will be busy eating cherry tomatoes. We could always go to Battersea Park for a stroll…

Come back for an up-date next week!