Woman fighting fast growing turbulent times


The idea of a doctor becoming a patient was largely unknown before the last decade. Happiness can not be bought but unleashed a wave of new ideas about health care, health prevention and well being. Public thinkers bring a fresh approach to fight fast growing turbulent times and forge ahead with new, alternative ideas, not only about treating, but preventing illnesses of all kinds. In Scotland, Shetland, GP’s are prescribing the locals new medicines: walking, bird watching and rambling- ‘nature prescriptions’ instead of drugs.

"The patient" migrated from the outside to the core of well educated, economic, social, cultural circles and the values and solutions associated with wellbeing are woven into our social and political imagination.


‘Politicians are aware of the crisis that is developing within the NHS, mental health and social care. The current promise of £20 billion is needed immediately to avert capacity issues but this must be spent across all the sector. The ageing population has not yet soared as the post war baby boomers are still young at 70 and intend to live well into their old age. There is now an increasing need not just for health care but social care as the family networks have disintegrated increasing the need for government aid. ‘Dr Stella Vig says.

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There are no exceptions, each one of us could become a ‘patient’ within minutes. Here is Stella’s interview, the story of an amazing woman, successful surgeon who turned patient inside the CT scan.