How to SEE The Undersea World

“Everything that you ever endured, loved, sacrificed, struggled, learned, attracted, lost and found takes you were you need to be” Dr Marina Nani


Launching a book in the Middle of the Pacific it is an exciting experience. While on my book tour around the world, I sailed into the setting sun along Waikiki Beach, and from there it was hard to resist the temptation to walk on an active volcano, swim with the daulphines, join a traditional luau in Maui, or launch my book at the bottom of Pacific Ocean. Hawaii is a paradise in more ways than one – and if I am to be accurate about what I loved the most, it must be the people of the islands don’t need to pretend they are spiritual or kind, they are.


It was this little girl with us while on the Atlantis Submarine, who wouldn’t stop crying, as we were quietly emerging though the waters. While we were all awed by the magnificence of Hawaii’s undersea world, she was constantly crying “I want to see the daulphines. I know they are here!” None of the wonders unveiling in front of our very eyes in this pristine coral reef gardens would quiet her. The captain told her that he never seen them coming to the submarine to say ‘hello’ in the last ten years but she will not believe him. Most of my clients who joined us for the book launch had no choice but to put their headsets on, as the little girl was very loud for too long…when I was about to do the same, suddenly she went quiet: THEY ARRIVED. First one, then another one, and then a dozen of them. The Daulphines escorted the submarine all the way back up and then they stayed with the boat all the way to the shore

I remember thinking that there is so much to see under surfaces and unless you dive into what you don’t see, you will never reach the wonders of the unknown. Everything that you ever endured loved, sacrificed, struggled, learned, attracted, lost and found takes you were you need to be. I was also thinking that everything you SEE happens twice, but first in your mind. Always.