Who is going to change the world in 2019?

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‘The year of women’ ended with high hopes for humanity. With Hispanic women being paid only 54% and black women 63% of what men receive for the same work, the question still stands: who is going to change the world in 2019?

Facing a non-emotional data driven reality, more people decide to invest in themselves and learn to monetise their big ideas. Thanks to social media platforms, more women find their way into a new economy that is shaping the future of society: The Talent Economy.

Is the talent economy going to help us diagnose and close the achievement gap?

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With the average person spending four hours a day facing a smartphone outside working hours, and the internet wildly available to walk one step further into serendipity with every search, is it possible that we will make progress without being overwhelmed by it?

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By a simple calculation, when the stock market is going to crash in 2019, and the baby boomers will pull out their money from the market, the financial shift will create the change everybody is expecting. As confused as most of us are about what is happening next, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the world is going to be changed by those who suffered the most.

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Dr Marina Nani