Is Love in the air?

Never celebrated Valentine’s Day in the traditional way for personal reasons, but I believe in celebrating each day as it comes. There are enough reasons around to celebrate life as is. And if there aren’t around, I start looking inside my heart, where there are plenty reasons to be grateful for. You are going to make some choices today. Why not become aware of the choices you make along the way?

Valentine’s day is not about spending money on gifts, but showing love for yourself. Unless you love yourself, how can you possibly love anyone else?


If you don’t know where to start, think of the feelings of love you share when wishing somebody “Happy Birthday!”.

I didn’t celebrate my birthday until my children took me to a surprise birthday party, when I forgot it was my birthday. Since, I celebrate each day, with or without reason.

Valentine’s Day is a choice that each one of us makes thinking of love. But do you need to think of love? Or can you become, perhaps, the love you seek?

Isn’t life amazing? Just because love is the air, doesn’t mean you can stop breathing.