I don't wake up at 4 am because most successful people do it. 
I don't really care what time others wake up and what they do when they do.
I never used an alarm clock and most of the time, I wake up to an idea that needs writing down, and I am too excited to go back to sleep. 
My week work is only 4 days and I decide when I work, with whom I work and where I work from.
Being is far more important than "doing"

Not healthy to copy others- rich or poor
and when my true friends or "pretend friends" ( I promise myself to get rid of those who pretend to be my friends, slowly but surely) are telling me " You are so different" all I can think of is : THANKS GOD FOR THAT!

you don't need to agree with me at all! 
after all, this is why we are designed to be so divinely different! 
Keep that sacred essence of yours away from 'pretend' influencers✨🌞✨💖

Dr Marina Nani