Happiness by choice

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Do you ever wonder why some people are happier than others?

Sometimes, only in your immediate family, at the same time, will be happy and un-happy faces…

Perhaps is easier to understand first what happiness is not.

Happiness is not a distant place where you will travel one day if you save enough to take that trip. 
Happiness is not a reward for your good behaviour or work you do
Happiness is not a new pair of shoes or receiving the keys to your favourite car in the showroom.

What is that makes you happy?
Happiness is the unconcerned connection you make with your inner beauty, with your time, right here, right now and the gratitude you feel when you wake up in the morning.
Happiness is not about doing more than others but choosing to be your own master.


How can you define Happiness?

For me, Happiness is an inside job.

I always been happy with no reason. Since my dog Tara died last year it was a constant struggle to come back to my myself. I was heartbroken when she died and I knew that life will never be the same without her. I couldn’t carry on writing a book about Happiness, a project that I started few years back. On reflection, now that I managed to come back to my Happy self, looking at the research I carried out for three years, became obvious that I don’t actually know many people who are HAPPY.

I remember sometimes being asked” What are you smiling about?” and wondering why most people think they need a reason to be happy?

As Happy People are driven to extinction by the rest of society, and are soon to become a “lost kind”, I invite you to celebrate them, one at a time!

Do you have a holistic solution to Happiness? Love to hear from you!

Do you have a holistic solution to Happiness? Love to hear from you!

Here is an interview in The Quantum of Light Magazine with Anne-Marie Wickham, the author of a new title “Flow- a guide to Happiness” who only wrote the book after she experienced the Flow of Happiness herself, step by step.

Dr Marina Nani