Why Harbour Big Dreams

Big Dreams are hard to deliver. It is scary when you take a closer look.

But, is it worth dreaming a dream that doesn’t scare you?

There is a basic reason for not having anything between where you are and where you want to be: You have to grow your own wings.

Living your dream is being a farmer, looking up to the sky to see if is going to rain and if there is enough rain to water your crops.

Each day is as joyful or painful as the weather. Except that, unlike the farmer who relies on the farmland, your abundance comes from inside. You are on your own. The outside world expects you to…rain. Most days, anyway. When you dry up, randomly, The Universe will step in to remind you who you are- you are his legal ear after all, act like one!

Giving makes you abundant. I must add that learning to receive is what keeps you abundantly giving.

Give yourself permission to understand your true worth. People only pay for what they value and value what they pay for. How much will your clients suffer and how much would cost them if you don’t make them an offer?

When my clients are sharing their dreams with me, my first two questions are always the same:

How big is your dream?

How bad do you want your dream to become your reality?

A good mentor can help kick-start your self leadership journey armed with the only knowledge that matters: the science of knowing who you are.

And, yes, your dreams are given to you when you have everything already: the energy, the resources, the time and place to build them into a better reality.

Harbour Big Dreams. Each dream is like a ship waiting in a harbour to sail away into unknown waters.

mentorDr Marina Nani