Is Loving yourself a science?

Anyone can wear a perfume on their skin but who could bring their unique essence into another's Soul, is an Alchemist. I know when I SEE ONE! - Dr Marina Nani

It was before 6.00 am this morning when I was reading Kiki’s draft for her latest column for The Quantum of Light Magazine. We were exchanging emails about the title and she told me that she didn’t go to school today as she was going to the hospital. I offered to go with her but she was going to the local surgery. Kiki is struggling with law energy sometimes... “MS is making me grey and blue today, wish it would away! Leave me alone, so I can be the old Kiki”. She wrote the article last night as she couldn’t sleep…

Today is another day and we are going to use this afternoon to record the article so readers could listen to her voice.


I really love this article on self love as Kiki is sharing her own love experiences “ I see life in cycles of circles which tie up with one another, because in my world, everything happens for a reason, good or bad, therefore everything is connected”

We decided to add a metaphor about love being a tree that form new cells, arranged in concentric annual rings showing the amount of wood produced during one growing circle. So we have now a new ending to this beautiful article.

“Each time I felt in love with another man, I realised that there is nobody to catch me when I fall...

But each time I entered another cycle, I grew another circle inside my whole existence, which let the inner layers of sapwood die and become heartwood.

Each time I felt out of love with a man, I’ve got a step closer to who I am, and learned that love starts with loving myself.

If Love for who you become is like a tree, when is best time to plant it?

A Chinese proverb says "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” 

Loving yourself is a science which could only manifests as an art form. Shaping you, from an acorn into an oak tree.

Dr Marina Nani