Spirituality and rational thinking


As I was chatting with a TV host who invited me for an interview on her show, I remembered the power her words, when we first met.

On reflection, I am thinking how challenging is for business women to unlock their self awareness and express their spirituality in a liberating way, righter than being apologetic… takes real mastery.

Of course, not each business woman could express themselves in the boardroom or business conferences, they need to show how professional they are, not how spiritual they are.

There is always the chance that somebody will not like your choice of spirituality and you could loose a business deal. What is more important, your spirituality or your business success?

Where do you start bridging your spirituality and rational thinking?

Your words impact an ever-widening Universe and radiate a high frequency. 
Your story alone can change not just a local area or community, but the way you see yourself, and become visible to the whole world.

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No doubt, you heard about the power of your story, but which story? 
The story you heard from others? The story you tell others? Or the story you tell yourself when nobody is listening?

From gaining access to funds for your business to delving into deep inner peace, your story is an endeavour of elevating consciousness through the Divine Feminine.
Join me and our team for an evening of sacred authentic wisdom for the Western Mindset.

Dr Marina Nani